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Learn to love your home again


Vistula Professional Services LLC provides a wide range of property services for residential and commercial clients including maintenance that will enhance the value, appeal and quality of your home. From basic cleaning to adding a brand new addition onto your home or apartment, from spring cleaning to cabinetry installation, from power washing to painting, we can do it all and more ... even when you plan to sell your property we can provide real estate photography for you.

Whether you want to take care of your own home or rental property we will cover your needs.

You'll be satisfied with the finished result! After all, we are committed to getting the job done right...every single time.

We do:

* Handyman service (small repairs inside your property, including electrical or plumbing areas)

* New plumbing installation

* Cleaning service (weekly, bi-weekly or one time post renovation cleaning)

* Landscaping service (mowing, planing, pruning and masonry)

* Painting (interior, exterior, power washing)

* Furniture renovation

* Finish carpentry - residential and commercial (installation of kitchen & other cabinetry)

* And when all has a great quality and value we do real estate photography (including drone shots and video)

We also offer property simple inspection. During an inspection we will:

* Walk the perimeter of the lot, noting any current damage such as fallen trees, broken fencing and any areas of concern

* Visually evaluate the building’s exterior, looking for peeling paint, exposed dry rot, roof and window condition, 

   proper water drainage, gutter condition and the condition of the deck, patio and other outdoor spaces

* Conduct an interior walk through, looking for areas of concern or hazards such as leaky faucets, running toilets, mold, 

   non - working smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, etc

* Each month we will visit your property and issue a detailed report of its condition, highlighting any areas of concern

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